Awards available to schools for Hope Squad

Sharing Kindness works to spread hope at Cape & Islands high schools through peer-to-peer suicide prevention program

High school can be tough. For many, these four years are filled with emotional ups and downs and mental health challenges. Teens who are struggling might feel like the adults around them just can’t relate, which makes it even more important to be surrounded by peers who “get it.”

When you’re struggling to see the bright side, you need a Hope Squad.

Hope Squad is a peer-to-peer suicide prevention program that aims to reduce youth suicide through education, training and peer intervention. Students are nominated by their classmates to become trained members of the program.

Here’s how we’re getting involved:

  •  Sharing Kindness is offering awards—in the name of four beloved local high school students who died by suicide—to Cape & Islands schools for the purpose of starting a Hope Squad. The amount covers the cost of a two-day advisor training (outside of the training, schools are responsible for covering a licensing agreement for the program). We are thrilled to announce that Falmouth High School will be the first recipient of the Holding Hope Award, honoring the lives of Jeremy, Nicholas, Anders and Noah.
  • Through a collaboration with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Cape Cod & The Islands, we are also bringing the film My Ascension, which offers information about youth suicide and the Hope Squad, to interested local high schools.


Interested in starting a Hope Squad and/or hosting a film screening at your school?  

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