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Grief Resources Introduction

When Sharing Kindness began, a small group of family and friends were grieving the death of a beloved 16-year-old, who died by suicide. Many felt alone, misunderstood and were unsure about where to turn for help. Living with the reality of loss seems insurmountable, most certainly in early grief. Yet being supported while tending to your grief makes the seemingly unbearable pain more bearable.

Grief is not linear—it unfolds in stages and circles, feeling like a dense fog through which, the light is rarely clear. Although grief can feel very isolating, we are committed to our vision of providing grief support to the people of Cape Cod and the Islands, offering hope and courage to face another day. In addition to our programming, many of us have found these resources helpful. Please consider whether they resonate with you, then take what you like and leave the rest.

You can’t make grief tidy or predictable. Grief is as individual as love: every life, every path, is unique. — Megan Devine

It’s OK That Your’re Not OK