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Peter G.

Age 40

Peter had a big heart, and a big personality.  He was creative, funny, and had many interests and hobbies.  He was musical and played bass, electric guitar, and acoustic guitar. He shared song ideas and music with his friends and family.  He liked to draw and utilized many artistic mediums. Peter also had an impressive Magic the Gathering Collection with friends, near and far, with whom he played.  His enjoyment of Magic intersected with his love of stories, film, and an equally as expansive movie collection. Peter especially enjoyed science-fiction, fantasy, and horror, particularly epic quests and superheroes. Superheroes were an integral part of Peter’s life from an early age, and he never lost his enthusiasm for crime-fighting characters who engaged in battles of good versus evil. Peter himself was a United States Marine Corps veteran, who took great pride in his service and cared deeply about social justice. He always kept an eye out for the underdog, giving generously and sharing what he had with people he saw struggling and with people he loved. It is no surprise he had many friends who were like family. He shared jokes and feelings with the people closest to him in conversation, but also creatively in poems and songs that he wrote.  Peter had a green thumb and a talent for plant cultivation. He attended chess club with his dad and friends. He loved being in nature, especially swimming and fishing in the Nissitissit river behind where his grandparents lived and spent summers with his family.  It was a very special place for him. Peter had bipolar disorder and lived fully through the highs and lows. He held onto the things he loved till the end. There will never be another Peter. He was one of a kind, and he is missed more than he would ever know. We love you forever Pete.