Suicide Awareness Walk


Suicide Awareness Walk


Youth/Young Adults

Since the inception of the Cape and Islands Suicide Awareness Walk five years ago, our primary goal has been to raise awareness around suicide. The ‘Walk’ brings together families, friends and community members to remember those who have died by suicide, to support survivors of suicide loss, and to nurture those who have attempted suicide.

We ask local businesses to sponsor the walk, which raises funds for our partner organizations. Those organizations are: The Cape & Islands Suicide Prevention Coalition, NAMI of Cape Cod & the Islands, The Samaritans on Cape Cod & the Islands, and Sharing Kindness. Community support allows all four of these organizations to develop and expand programming, which increases our impact on Cape Cod and The Islands.

As you may know, we lose an average of 132 Americans each day to suicide. The number of suicide deaths on the C&I are significantly higher than the rest of Massachusetts. Last year, over 400 people from the Cape, Islands, and beyond walked, shared their stories, and helped one another grieve and heal. This walk truly is a remarkable event. All money raised at the walk stays right here on Cape & Islands, to educate, advocate, and prevent suicide. We thank you for your support.


Kim Mead-Walters, MD
Davis Walters
Co-founders Sharing Kindness, Inc.
Founders of the Cape & Islands Suicide Awareness Walk

Learn how the generous donations of our sponsors has impacted the Cape and Islands this year.