Memory Wall

Jeremy W.   Age 16

Jeremy loved woods filled with tall trees, any dog he ever met (but especially Mike and Harvey), music, ASL, his computer, history, reading and etymology (and yes, yes he would use those interesting words in common conversation). Jeremy treasured his family and friends. He was, and is, deeply loved in return. 

May you continue to inspire us:

To enter each day with a generous heart.
To serve the call of courage and love
Until we see your beautiful face again
In that land where there is no more separation,
Where all tears will be wiped from our mind,
And where we will never lose you again.

– an excerpt from On the Death of the Beloved, by John O’Donohue

We encourage you to join our Memory Wall

by submitting a square JPEG photo ( 500×500 pixels) of your loved one to [email protected] . Please include their first name, last name initial and their age at the time of death. We invite you to share a few sentiments about your person; who they were, what they loved and what you loved about them. Sharing Kindness is honored to join you in speaking their names. 

“We speak their names because they are a part of everything that we do. Everything that we are.
We speak their names because they are still, and always will be, a part of us.”

—Tanya Lord

Paul L.

Sandy K.

Lou V.